Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training

Course Overview

Email Studio

  • Overview
  • Administration
  • Subscribers
  • Lists
  • All Subscribers List
  • Exclusion List
  • Publication Lists
  • Suppression Lists
  • Data Extensions
  • Create & Send an Email –Live Example
  • Classic Content
  • Types of Sends
  • Send Logging
  • A/B Testing
  • Tracking
  • Triggered Sends
  • Overview
  • Use-case and examples

Contact Builder

  • Data Extensions
  • All Contacts
  • Data Sources
  • Imports
  • Data Designer
  • Contact Deletion
  • Best Practices

Content Builder

  • Overview
  • Emails
  • Templates
  • Content Blocks
  • Code Snippet
  • Best Practices

Mobile Studio

  • Overview
  • Mobile Connect
  • Overview
  • Administration
  • Import & Manage Contacts
  • Messages
  • Mobile Push
  • Overview
  • Notifications

Analytics Builder

Automation Studio

  • Overview
  • Create and Schedule an Automation
  • Automation Studio Activities
  • SQL Query Activity
  • SQL Queries – examples
  • Data Views& its usage
  • Send Email Activity
  • Import File Activity
  • File Transfer Activity
  • Script Activity
  • Filter Activity
  • Data Extract Activity
  • Wait Activity


Cloud Pages

  • Landing Pages
  • Smart Capture Form
  • Examples and use-cases


Journey Builder

  • Overview
  • Journey Creation – Live Example
  • Journey Templates
  • Journey Entry Sources
  • Data Extension
  • Audience
  • Salesforce Data Events
  • Events
  • Journey Canvas Activities
  • Wait Activity
  • Send Email Activity
  • Decision Splits
  • Engagement Splits
  • Random Splits
  • Joins Activity
  • Update Contact Activity
  • Sales and Services Cloud Activities
  • Overview & examples
  • Goals
  • Journey Settings
  • Journey Testing
  • Journey History & Reports
  • Administration
  • Real Time scenarios and errors
  • Best Practices


Marketing Cloud Connect

  • Overview
  • Installation steps
  • Use Cases
  • Email sends
  • Journey Builder Integration
  • Journey Builder Salesforce Entry sources
  • Journey Builder Sales & Service cloud activities
  • Synchronized Data Sources
  • Real Time scenarios and errors
  • Troubleshooting
  • Capture API logs
  • Capture Salesforce Logs                
  • Best Practices


  • Overview
  • Live examples
  • Real time Use cases
  • How to use Ampscript in Emails
  • How to use Ampscript in SMS & Push Messages
  • How to use Ampscript in Cloud Pages
  • Commonly used functions



  • Overview
  • Live examples
  • How to use SSJS in Cloud Pages
  • How to use SSJS in Automation Studio Script Activity
  • Use cases


  • Overview
  • WSDL and Endpoints
  • Live examples using SOAP UI tool
  • Real time Use cases
  • Overview
  • API App creation
  • API endpoints
  • Live examples using POSTMAN tool
  • Real time Use cases

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Course Curriculum

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About Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform developed by Salesforce for customer management and marketing automation. This platform supports various aspects of marketing like dynamic customer journeys, multi-channel campaign execution, pre-and post-campaign analytics like audience segmentation and building. Top companies like Zensar, Cognizant, TCS, Accenture, Capgemini use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Platform to handle customer relationships and automate marketing aspects. As per, the average salary of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant in the US is around $111K per annum. Join our Salesforce Marketing Cloud training to master highly desirable skills and have a lucrative career in the Salesforce platform.

Who Should Learn SFMC?

The following job roles will get benefited from learning the SFMC course:

  • Fresher’s or graduates
  • IT Professionals
  • Integration developers

Course Overview

This Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training Course teaches students theFundamentals of marketing operations and how to leverage them. Our Training program builds the in-demand skills to create marketing campaigns utilizing the Salesforce Marketing platform, and it will be led by top experts. After you’ve completed this online training, you’ll have the expertise you need to operate the Marketing Cloud and comprehend the framework you’re working in.

About MindMatricks

Online global training platform connecting individuals with the best trainers around the globe. With the diverse range of courses, Training Materials, Resume formats and On Job Support, we have it all covered to get into IT Career. Instructor Led Training – Made easy.


  • Log in to the Marketing Cloud.
  • Create an email using our newest application, Content Builder.
  • Describe the various ways to store data in the Marketing Cloud.
  • Utilize the various import methods to import data to lists and data
  • Extensions.
  • Describe and use the various testing and sending options within the
  • Marketing Cloud.
  • Analyze the results of a send using email tracking and Reports.
  • Create filtered or random segments using Drag-and-Drop Segmentation.
  • Create filtered segments based on behavioral data (Measures).
  • Utilize a query activity to create segment data.
  • Create and execute an automation to import data and refresh data.
  • Build and automate a welcome series for new subscribers using Playbooks.
  • Describe when to use a triggered email send for transactional messages.
  • Automate an email drip campaign via Automation Studio.
  • Build and automate a welcome series using Journey Builder.
  • Engage in critical thinking in regards to the customer journey.
  • Create and relate data structures in Contact Builder.
  • Build an interaction with various activities.
  • Optimize journeys through versioning.

Course Curriculum

  • Data Overview
  • Lists
  • What is a Subscriber?
  •             How to Create Attributes
  •             How to Create a List
  •             How to Add Subscribers to a List
  •             What are the Profile and Subscription Centers?
  • Data Extensions
  •             What is a Data Extension?
  •             What are Sendable Data Extensions and Non-Sendable Data Extensions?
  •             How to Create a Data Extension
  •             How to Import Data into a Data Extension
  • Contact Builder Overview
  • Uploading Assets into Content Builder
  • Content Blocks
  • How to Create Static Content Blocks
  • How to Create Individualized
  • Content Blocks Using Personalization Strings, Dynamic Content, and AMP script
  • How to Add Links to Content
  • Templates
  • What a Template is and the Various Ways to Create One
  •            How to Create a Template with Locked Content
  •           How to Specify Specific Content to be placed in a Content Area in a Template
  • Email
  •            How to Create an Email from a Template
  •            How to Add Multiple Content Blocks to a Single Content Area
  •            How to Add a Button Content Block
  • Content Detective
  • Validation
  • Preview
  • Test Send
  • Approvals
  • Send Flow
  • User-Initiated Email
  • A/B Testing
  • Bounce Mail Management
  • Global, Master, and List-Level Unsubscribes
  • Tracking Data
  • Standard Reports
  • Automating Reports
  • Drag-and-Drop Segmentation
  •             How to Create Random and Filtered Segments
  •       How to Create Segments Using Measures
  • Refreshing Data
  • Query Activity
  • Audience Builder Overview Automation
  • Data Activities
  •            Data Extract
  •            Import
  •            File Transfer
  • Refresh Activities
  •            Filter Activity
  •            Query Activity
  • Email Automation
  •            Overview of Email Automation Tools
  •            Welcome Series using Journey Builder
  •            Triggered Email
  •            Welcome Series Using Automation
  • Describe why customer journeys are important
  • Define the customer journey
  • Define the customer journey
  • Define the Marketing Cloud
  • Log in to the Marketing Cloud
  • Define Contact Builder
  • Describe and use the various tools in Contact Builder
  • Reiterate the concepts of Subscriber Key, Primary Key, and Contact Key
  • Define Journey Builder
  • Define an Interaction
  • Build an Interaction
  • Create an Entry Event
  • Utilize various Journey Builder activities
  • Set a goal
  • Test the Interaction
  • Review metrics
  • Create a new version of an Interaction
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The experience has been extremely satisfying. I like the interaction method and how the instructor acknowledges to subjects and provide feedback in real time.

Ed Peter

The live instructor was absolutely incredibly gentle and executed all our doubts. The course with Mind Matricks has admittedly been a great encounter because of the way the instructors emphasized the topics in an easy method.

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The way Mind Matricks conducted Instructor LED live training was really magnificent and very engaging and clear. The dedicated customer support is very well organized.

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My instructor was especially very patient and executed to address all our uncertainties. The course with Mind Matricks has admittedly been a great knowledge because of the process the trainers emphasized the points.

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