Become an Instructor

Who can become a Trainer?

The one who has good insight about a domain and the capability of making the listener understand and utilizing the knowledge should be a trainer. We at MindMatricks encourage those who have strong oral communication skills with analytical thinking. Share a course content that carries cutting-edge concepts as a ranging crowd of participants could be from freshers to highly experienced professionals.

Support System?

We want our prospective young and first-time trainers to shed all their inhibitions and come forward to provide the training as we want to witness your growth with us. And for those who are well experienced and  want to share the best of your knowledge should consider MindMatricks as the launching platform. 

Benefits you are entitled for?

1, Revenue sharing model: MindMatricks wants to provide a fair share of revenue earned to the trainers for their effort and  time.

2. You would be added to the elite list of the training fraternity, where you would be handpicked for your best training skills.

3. If you have proved an exceptional trainer, the chances of becoming an inhouse trainer with MindMatricks  is high.

4. Extra bonus for handling the corporate batches.

5. Special packages for star trainer ( evaluated on basis of timely training and punctuality)

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