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Course Descriptions


What are Suite Script API’s?
How to use NetSuite help for Suitscript
API’s, Governance and Scripting best practices
Governance limit for all Scripts.
Record Browser and API documentation
Scripting templates.
Best Practices document.
Client Script
Client Script Execution (Form level & Record level)

Client script triggers types & functions.

Running a Client Script in NetSuite
User Event Script
User Event Script Execution
Type argument & its importance
User Event Script functions
Running user event in NetSuite
Difference between client & User Event scripts
Suitelet Script
What Is Suitelet Script and why do we use it?
Suitelet Types

Suitelet execution process.

Linking Suitelet with Client script
Schedule Script
Schedule Script overview
Schedule Script API
Execution process
RESTlet Script
What Is RESTlet and why do we use it?
Different ways of calling RESTlet
Tools available for testing RESTlet
Differences between Suitelet and RESTlet Script

Portlet script.

Use Portlet Script
Scripting Portlet types
Search Portlets.
Workflow Action Script
What is Workflow Action Script & why do we use it?
Difference between Workflow Action Script & User Event script.
What is Workflow Action Script & why do we use it?
Difference between Workflow Action Script & User Event script

Mass update script.

What is Mass Update Script and how to use it?
Differences between Mass Update script and Workflow action script
Below Points will be discussed in each script type
Supported Record Types.
Script functions.
Script usage limit.
Deployment status in script

Project case driven scenarios.

Script Parameters
Script Limitations
Debugging techniques
Research/tasks on scripts
Realtime Scenarios – NetSuite Training
Taking few realtime requirements
Working on design and customizations What is Suite Script?

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Course Description

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training with 10+ years certified trainers provides you an edge of applying different skill sets necessary to work on Salesforce products.

salesforce marketing cloud is a platform built for supporting various phase of marketing.They use Studio & Builder which is regarded as components is where they implement all the phases

Course Curriculum

  • What is RPA
  • Google trend report on RPA and Uipath
  • What is the scope of this RPA course
  • Why do we need RPA
  • Will RPA cut jobs?
  • Is RPA a Hype or is it Real
  • Where does Uipath stand (Compared to other competitors)
  • Google trend report on Competitors and comparision
  • Naukri and Monster job openings
  • Salary report from Indeed & Payscale RPA vs AI
  • A walkthrough on the course content.
  • Short Uipath Demo with a Real time Project Navigation
  • What is the scope of Uipath Training
  • Important options and Shortcuts in the tool
  • Types of Tools in Uipath (Walkthrough)
  • What’s the Architecture, SOA, Client server or Cloud
  • Uipath Cloud?
  • Supported Systems (Is Windows, Linux, Mac supported)
  • What is the Alternative it it’s not Supported(Virtualbox)
  • Supported Databases
  • Integration with other tools.
  • Limitations
  • Uipath Navigation and options
  • Useful shortcuts
  • Activities, Variables and Data Types in Uipath
  • Data Manipulation
  • Control Flow
  • Recording and its usage
  • UI elements and selectors
  • Advanced UI Automation
  • Excel and Data Tables
  • Citrix Automation
  • Advanced Citrix Automation
  • PDF Data Extraction and Automation
  • Email Automation
  • Project Organization
  • Debugging and Exceptions
  • SAP Automation
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The experience has been extremely satisfying. I like the interaction method and how the instructor acknowledges to subjects and provide feedback in real time.

Ed Peter

The live instructor was absolutely incredibly gentle and executed all our doubts. The course with Mind Matricks has admittedly been a great encounter because of the way the instructors emphasized the topics in an easy method.

Shilpi Brar

The way Mind Matricks conducted Instructor LED live training was really magnificent and very engaging and clear. The dedicated customer support is very well organized.

Kshitij Singh

My instructor was especially very patient and executed to address all our uncertainties. The course with Mind Matricks has admittedly been a great knowledge because of the process the trainers emphasized the points.

Max Richard